I have been on the look out for a super snazzy pair of loafer/smoking slippers for a complete age. I managed to lose one of my beloved Tesco pair about a year ago and there has been a loafer sized hole in my life since then.

I am definitely not meant to be shopping at the moment but an 'accidental' trip into Topshop at lunchtime reaped some rather fabulous rewards. The tiny Topshop where I work in Sutton always has some serious sale bargains to be found and I spotted these bad boys on the 'last chance to buy' rack.

They are literally perfect and even better were reduced from £52 to £20. Now if you will excuse me I am going to go and coo over my new babies…



We had summer here in London a couple of weeks ago and everyone got over excited, I got my pale limbs out and drank wine in the sunshine and it was fantastic. Sadly it is March, and it is England so it is now freezing again boooo. On the flip side it has meant I haven't had to put the dark make up away yet. So this week it is all about enjoying the smokey eye and plum lips in a totally wearable way.

I used my NARS pallet for both my eyes and eyebrows. After reading Laura from Buy now blog later's post on grey eyeshadow as a great eyebrow filler I decided to give it a go and I have to agree it is a really great option. It is a little darker than I normally go for day time, especially now I've had my eyebrows tinted, but I will be whipping it out for the evening fo sho. I set my brows with the wax from my (very well used) Benefit Browzings.

Skin wise I have been using my Bourjouis Healthy Mix foundation non stop, I bloody love the stuff! Adding a little bit of colour with the cream blush from my Sleek Pink Lemonade pallet. All topped off with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light, I will be repurchasing this powder until the day I pop my clogs…it really is that good.

I have also really been loving the Rimmel Scandaleyes nude kohl liner, it really opens my eyes up. Lashes have been given a coat of Falsies and last buy by no means least, a quick sweep of MAC Plumful on the lips.

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I feel like I haven't posted in forever even though it's only been a week! I was travelling in France with work last week so didn't have much time at home then life just got in the way so I decided to have a week off.

If you don't live in the UK you won't have seen anything about the space season we've been having on one of the TV channels here. I have been watching every night, I love anything to do with space, it makes my mind boggle. In homage to this I thought it was a perfect opportunity to wear my Revlon Moon Candy nail polish. 

On one side is a deep grey black shade and on the other a holographic flaked glitter suspended in a clear polish. The dark colour is very pigmented and only needs one coat for an opaque finish. As with all large chunk glitters the top coat can take a bit of time to apply and dry but it is all worth it for the space like finish you are left with.

This is the first time I've tried on of the Revlon Moon Candy polishes and I have been very impressed with the quality, I will definitely be considering picking up a couple more shades. 

Has anyone else tried one of these polishes?



I have been attempting to stream line the amount of complete rubbish I normally carry around in my handbag recently so thought it was a good time to do a whats in my handbag post.

Let's start with the bag, the Mulberry Bayswater, very kindly bought for me by my Mama as a graduation gift when I finished university in 2011. I had wanted this bag since a friend got one when we were 15, I think my Mum realised that if after 7 years I still loved it I wasn't going to go off it any time soon! It is the classic Mulberry shape in the gorgeous tan leather. I adore this bag and use it pretty much every day. It is very, very roomy and happily fits all my junk and even my mac book when I need to carry it around.

So what am I lugging around at the moment?

Ted Baker purse - My sister gave me this for Christmas a couple of years ago. It is a gorgeous bright coral red with a floral pattern on the top flap. The clasp is two big shiny ruby coloured stones which my inner magpie is obsessed with.

Keys - pretty standard. I love my keyring collection, the C was given to me by a close friend, the owl was a present from my Auntie, the russian doll I bought in Estonia and the tacky Ibiza cubes remind me of my wonderful Summer last year.

iPhone 5 - I would be completely lost without this baby. I spend half my life tweeting and Instagramming. I have a charger at home and at work because I am always running out of battery!

Sunglasses - I think these cost £1 from Primark. Can't beat a pair of knock off Ray Bans!

Umbrella - I live in London…you would be stupid to leave the house without and umbrella all year round! I picked up this Samsonite number for a bargainous £6 in TK Maxx.

Glasses - My eyesight isn't that bad but I need them for work as I stare at a computer for 8 hours a day.

Notepad and pen - I am a prolific list maker, for general life and the blog.

Tissues - I got these in my secret santa present at work last year and I haven't been able to use one yet they are just so cool!

Head phones - essential for life!

Lip products - I have been known to carry up to 10 different lipsticks, balms and glosses in my handbag so only 3 is good going for me. I am currently stashing MAC See Shear, a Maxfactor Colour Elixir pen and my trusty Vaseline.

So that's it, these are my handbag essentials. If I showed the amount of empty food packets, random bits of paper and general debris that float around in my handbag we would be here all day.

Anything you think I should be adding to my essentials?



Pink Mint 

I adore Sleek products, for the price they are completely amazing quality. I saw this Blush by 3 pallet mentioned on a couple of blogs and thought it looks stunning, so the next time I was in Superdrug I picked it up.

The pallet comes with 2 powder blushes and 1 cream blush. Each colour is super pigmented, particularly the cream one, which left me looking a lot like a clown after some slightly heavy handed application! I think my favourite is the lightest shade, Pink Mint, a beautiful pale pink with a ton of shimmer. I'm such a magpie when it comes to make up! As with all Sleek products the quality is fantastic. The packaging feels polished and compact, and with an option of shade is perfect to chuck in your travel make up bag.

With the cream blush being in the middle you do get a little bit of fall out from the other two shades but it is nothing to write home about. I have been layering them up as an alternative to adding highlighter on top of the cream blush. Overall this pallet is great, very well priced at £10 and I'm pretty sure it's impossible to hit pan. I've had the lace pallet for over a year and despite very regular use looks as good as new! 

Do you have a favourite Sleek product?

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