January 07, 2017

So you’ve successfully tackled the first week back at work but all you can think about is that sodding glass of wine come Friday evening. As I’m partaking in dry Jan this year I thought I would share a few tips I’m implementing to keep myself away from the dreaded booze.


I probably go to the cinema once a year and every time I go I comment how much I enjoyed myself and that I should go more often. So this weekend Mike and I are going old school and hitting up Nando’s and then heading to the cinema to see Passengers (I can’t wait to swoon over Chris Pratt, what a babe!).


Everyone hates on the cold dark months of winter but some of my favourite weather happens now. Those days when you wake up and the sky is blue and sun is blinding but there’s a frost on the ground and your breath lingers in the air, those are my favourite. Get your wellies and bobble hat on and go for a walk. Breathe in that fresh countryside air and use your limbs for something other than walking to the fridge!


The main perk of not drinking is no hangovers! You sleep better which means you have more energy during the day and working out will improve your sleep even further. Get to the gym and fight the masses for that cross trainer. Or if that’s not your thing what about swimming? It might seem like a faff getting your hair wet but swimming is one of the best forms of all round exercise, it’s easy on your joints and still tests your cardiovascular capabilities!


I realised a couple of days into January that I would need to have something to keep me busy during the evenings and weekends, as my job is very much 9-5, so I’ve started writing again. It gives me a creative outlet and means I actually use my brain instead of vegging in front of Netflix. Your something new could be anything from knitting to running, just do something that makes you happy and keeps your mind off the vino.


Order takeaway or cook something you will really enjoy, get the candles lit, pick a TV series you’ve been desperate to watch and settle in for the night. Once you’re cuddled up under a blanket the last thing on your mind will be going out and getting boozy.


For most people the reward for making it to the end of Jan will be to get royally smashed, but it’s a nice idea to think about something you really want that all the money you’ve saved could buy you. I’ve got a bit of a weird reward of paying £200 off my credit card, it’s all about the long game with this one and it works towards my yearly goal. The reward could be anything from a nice meal out to an Urban Decay eyeshadow pallet, just make sure it’s something you want enough to save the money for.

Lastly, don't beat yourself up if you fall off the dry Jan wagon. It happens to the best of us. I wrote this post last week and then got invited out on Friday night to see a friend before she went back to Australia. It was the last opportunity to see her until next Christmas so I thought fuck it, I'm going to have a couple of wines and enjoy my night. I didn't go overboard which meant my Saturday has been very productive taking blog photos and tidying my flat. Everything in moderation as they say!

Is anyone else doing Dry January? Any other tips you can throw into the mix? Hit me up on Twitter and we can all get through this together!


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